Design and Print

We work with you to design customised cardboard packaging products using our computer aided design expertise and specialist software, and we make up samples using our computerised sample making table.


Your packaging will be tailor made for your product, and we ensure this with precise diecutting. When your packaging is sized to perfection, your products will be better protected, and your business will benefit from lower shipping and storage costs.

We provide Corrugated Cardboard Boxes in all Fefco styles and all standard board grades, including E, B, C, BC and SC Fluting with Kraft and Test Liners.

We glue using hot and cold glue systems, and we offer stitching where required to ensure your packaging is light yet sturdy.


We understand that space is always at a premium and it can be tricky to store all of the stock you need on your premises. To resolve this problem, we offer a storage and call-off service at very good commercial rates, making stock storage simpler.


We deliver daily within the Munster region, and weekly to Connaught and Leinster.

We can also coordinate external haulage for single pallets at very competitive rates for smaller shipments.

When you need Corrugated Cardboard Packaging, talk to us about how we can make it easier for you.